Introducing the Hazardous Castex 1-4

Beghelli has expanded their line of hazardous LED lighting line to include more class and division classifications – that’s right, even Class I Division 1! In addition to the existing Castex floodlight, Beghelli now has linear and highbay luminaries to accommodate a variety of applications.

The Castex 1-4 hazardous location LED luminaires are designed for installations where flammable gasses or vapours are present. Each fixture comes in multiple mounting options, including: pendant, ceiling, wall, pole, stanchion and chain. The durable housing is made of a copper-free aluminum, corrosion resistant casting, with separated driver compartment for effective thermal management. All exposed fasteners are made from quality stainless steel.

The Castex 1-4 are available in a wide selection of lumen packages and provides uniform light and superior distribution patterns to create safer working conditions in hazardous areas. Drivers are standard with 4kV surge protection and are available in 120-277V and 347V for all Castex 1-4 models.

Some applications that are ideal for the Castex 1-4 are: mining, wastewater treatment plants, marine platforms, chemical processing facilities, petrochemical, heavy industries, shipyards, paper mills, power plants, loading docks, flour mills, pulp and paper, shipyards, and grain elevators.

Due to the specialty of these luminaries there is limited stock available.

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