Pluraluce Square Recessed

Battery Unit and Remote

The Pluraluce® is now available as a square recessed battery unit or remote. The small footprint of these fixtures will coordinate with any décor, without sacrificing performance.

Due to the high-output LEDs and optical lenses, there are less units/remotes required in the space. The Pluraluce® Square recessed is illuminated with 4 2.5W LEDs that deliver 826 lm - 845 lm. The 3 lenses that are shipped with each fixture are interchangeable for symmetric (28’ spacing on center) and asymmetric distributions (55’ spacing on center) asymmetrical wall distribution (35’ spacing on center).

The Pluraluce® square recessed battery units and remotes are ideal for commercial and retail applications with non-IC (non-insulated) walls or ceilings.

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Pluraluce® Square Recessed Unit
Pluraluce® Square Recessed Remote