Uniko RM - "illusion is the first of all pleasures - Voltaire"

We approached our Industrial Lighting Designer with a challenge to design a new sign and combo. We wanted a design that was totally different than anything else in the market. From there, the Uniko was born – a running man sign and combo that were designed based on form, proportions and aesthetics.

The thin profile housing gives the Uniko the appearance that it is floating off the wall. The die-cast aluminum housing has a brushed finish with clean lines, making it ideal for architectural applications.

The form of the Uniko was designed to take up a small footprint with an ultra thin profile housing. Small fasteners are barely there and do not distract from the overall design.

Custom 3W LED modules provide emergency lighting on 2-way adjustable arms allow for precise positioning on the combo.

The Uniko Running Man & Combo include universal pictograms and come standard in a brushed aluminum. Available in wall or pendant mount.

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Uniko RM Sign
Uniko RM Combo