Ascot Capital Group Acquires Beghelli Canada Inc.

Since 2000, Beghelli Canada Inc. has grown to become a leader in the emergency & industrial lighting markets. Known for its quality, people and forward-thinking designs, Beghelli continues to evolve the look and performance of lighting products.

We are excited to announce today that Ascot Capital Group has acquired Beghelli Canada Inc. Beghelli will run as an independent business operating within the Ascot Capital group.

All daily operations and sales will continue to be lead by Bruno R. Ardito, the General Manager. Beghelli Canada will maintain an exclusive agreement and collaboration with Beghelli S.p.A. (Italy) for future development of new and innovative offerings. In addition to the Canadian market, we will supply manufactured products to Beghelli companies in the US & Mexico.

Beghelli will be rebranded as Beluce Canada Inc. but will continue to manufacture and market under the Beghelli brand.

Joining the esteemed Ascot Capital Group will propel the future of our companies forward. This sets our paths for stronger purchasing power, expanded customer programs and deeper market penetration.

As always, Beghelli will continue to provide consistently high standards of products and services to the lighting industry.

We look forward to serving you.

Bruno R. Ardito

General Manager
Beghelli Canada Inc.
Phone (905) 948-9500