New Agent: Eclairage Hi-Tech

Beghelli is pleased to announce that Éclairage Hi-Tech is Beghelli’s new specifications agent in Montreal!

Éclairage Hi-Tech was established in 1989 as a manufacturer’s representative. Today Éclairage Hi-Tech represents more than 30 reputable lighting manufacturers and has an extensive sales team calling on engineering firms throughout the province of Quebec. Their office is located on the south shore of Montreal in the City of Longueuil.

Éclairage Hi-Tech will be concentrating on specifying Beghelli emergency lighting as well as our Luce lighting products at engineering firms in the Southern Quebec territory (Montreal, North Montreal, Abitibi Region, South Shore, Canton de l’est (Sherbrooke), Drummondville, Victoriaville).

Working in tandem with Agence Pasquarelli, Éclairage Hi-Tech will ensure that Beghelli is maximizing its representation and servicing the Southern Quebec region to its fullest. Agence Pasquarelli remains an instrumental part of the Beghelli team continuing to strengthen and grow their relationships with our distributor and contractor partners.

Éclairage Hi-Tech and Agence Pasquarelli will report directly to Beghelli’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Marie-France Patenaude.

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