Stairwell LED

Scala is the perfect lighting solution for stairwells, as well as other low-occupancy areas such as storerooms, restrooms, and passageways. Stairwell lighting requirements call for increased light levels during occupied times while maintaining minimum light level standards when unoccupied.

Since most stairwells are required to be lit 24 hours a day / 7 days per week, adding LED lighting with an occupancy sensor and bi-level dimming could result in a significant energy saving opportunity.

Scala’s smart technology maximizes energy savings by intelligently managing illumination levels to avoid wasted consumption. The Scala incorporates bi-level dimming controlled by a passive infrared sensor to provide safe and dependable illumination during occupied times while adjusting levels down when unoccupied.

The Scala is ideal for stairwells, corridors, storage areas, laundry rooms, restrooms and other areas where maximum light levels are not needed when area is unoccupied and traffic in the area is low.