Pluraluce® WP Remote

NEMA 4X Remote

The Pluraluce® NEMA 4X remote is protected against water, dust and corrosion with resilient gaskets. At only 7” square, this small enclosure provides a lot of light.

Every Pluraluce® remote is shipped with 3 unique optical lenses which can be interchanged for wall mount, ceiling mount symmetric and ceiling mount asymmetric distributions. By optimizing the light output, the Pluraluce provides up to 55’ spacing on centre.

The cover is made of die-cast aluminum and comes standard in a grey powder coat with optional painted or brushed finishes. By using high quality LEDs and efficient thermal management in the design of the housing as a heat sink, we ensure the Pluraluce will have a long life.

The Pluraluce® is illuminated with four 2.5W LEDs. Each pair of LEDs are laid out in parallel on the LED module so if one pair fails, the other will remain illuminated.

The Pluraluce® is also available for indoor use and as a battery unit.

IES Innovation Award Winner