Create your own sanctuary with the Planex® Muse.

With all the same features and benefits as the popular Planex®, the Muse offers serene images that are screened onto each panel that will inspire, amuse and provide an escape for those around it.

Choose photos from our collection or bring us your custom artwork that meet the specifications. The applications for the Planex® Muse are hospitals, dental/doctor offices, receptions areas, spas and more.

The original Planex® and the Muse share the same qualities, such as its easy installation and durability. This low profile LED luminaire is available in 1x1, 2'x2', 2'x4' and 1'x4' sizes. Mounting is available for grid ceilings, adjustable 50" aviation cable for suspension mount, surface and recessed wall/ceiling mount kits are offered.

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Planex® Muse