Spada® High Output

Due to the success of the Spada, we are pleased to introduce a line expansion to now offer a higher output, dimmable and 347V version.

The Spada HO is 130 lm/W and available in the 2’ and 4’ models, both stand alone and linkable in both 120-277V and now 347V.

The Spada is a vandal resistant luminaire. The impact rating of IK10 is the highest measured resistance possible for any lighting product. If protection against vandals or a challenging environment is needed, look no further than the Spada for strength and durability.

The Spada has an ingress protection rating of IP66. This is the highest moisture rating possible before full submersion and will protect fully against dust as well. If the installation will be in a wet or dusty environment or will be hosed down, the Spada will remain impenetrable.

The Spada was designed for an extreme environment. With a high-strength aluminum housing, stainless steel clips and polycarbonate lens, the Spada is also resistant against corrosion. The UV stabilized polycarbonate offers protection against sunlight with no discolouration or degradation. Built with a single-piece aluminum housing, the Spada has excellent heat dissipation allowing for an operating temperature range or -20°C to 40°C.

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Spada® HO