The Interno LED and Interno Basso LED

The Interno LED and Interno Basso LED are concealed recessed battery units that remain virtually unseen in the décor until the event of a power failure.

The compact units blend seamlessly into the environment and can be custom painted or wall papered to match any décor. Architects and Designers will make the Interno their preferred choice.

More than just good looks, the Interno LED and Interno LED Basso provide great performance with a minimum of 50’ spacing on center meaning you need to install less in a space.

The Interno LED can be recessed into either a wall or ceiling. The universal mounting kit is only 3” deep and perfect for shallow plenums.

The Interno Basso is mounted only 18” above floor level. This low level unit provides light only where it is needed; along the path of egress, below any smoke.

For anywhere you don’t want to see emergency lighting, the Interno family of retracted, recessed LED battery units is the best choice.

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Interno LED
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