New Option and Operation for the Tempesta LED

Beghelli is continuing to change the perception of Emergency lighting. As promised, we have released a new option and operation to bring the Tempesta LED into more applications.

We are now offering the ACEM operation for the Tempesta. The Tempesta must be ‘always-on’ and it will provide emergency backup in the event of a power failure. You may not wire this operation to a circuit that can be switched off.

The Tempesta is now available with a 120 minute run time option for extended backup. This is required in all high rises, long-term care facilities, hospitals, etc.

We have positioned the Tempesta™ LED to become the market leader in spec-grade battery units and LED remotes. The Tempesta™ is suitable for practically any application with several mounting and operation choices along with wet location, food preparation and vandal resistant ratings.

Please review the main Tempesta features including:
  • Wall / ceiling
  • surface / recessed / t-bar mounting
  • EM only, AC only, ACEM combined and remote operation
  • Up to 60’ spacing on centre
  • Optional auto-test self-diagnostics
  • Optional 90 minute run time
  • Longer LED life projected greater than 100,000 hours at L70
  • Competitive price

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